The Meadow at Snyder's Point

Welcome to The Meadow at Snyder’s Point

In 2022, Friends of Riverview Park (FORP), in partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the City of Pittsburgh, proposed the creation of a native plant meadow at Snyder’s Point in Riverview Park. Initial planting began in April 2022, and once fully established (Spring to Fall 2024) the meadow will feature an assortment of native perennial flowering plants and grasses that will provide wildlife habitat unique to the park.

What is a Meadow and Why is it Important?

A meadow is an open habitat vegetated by grasses, flowers, herbs, and other non-woody plants. They can either be naturally occurring, or in the case of the Meadow at Snyder’s Point, artificially created through cleared shrubs or woodland. Once established, a meadow will typically need limited human intervention and over time will become inhabited with the region’s native species.

Meadows are ecologically important as they provide areas for animal courtship displays, nesting, food gathering, pollinating insects, and sometimes sheltering, if the vegetation is high enough. Additionally, meadows can have an important impact on climate change. They can function as a carbon sink, with the deep-rooted grasses storing a significant amount of carbon in the soil.

How Can
You Help?

Regularly visit and see how the meadow develops over time.

Pick weeds and deposit them in the designated compost area. Confused as to what to look for? We’ll have signs posted throughout the meadow showing you what to look for.

Pick up any trash and deposit in the nearest receptacle.

Volunteer to help! Contact us and let’s work together for a better park.

Please Do Not:

Walk on the meadow growing area or any area that is not an established path.

Litter or leave anything except for your footprints.